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2018 | PHASE ONE

AvalonHEMI is proud to officially announce their next release, AVALON. Conceptually picking up where it's predecessor Undivided Intentions left off, AVALON carries forth and concludes the story of it's tormented protagonist as it weaves a narrative of his ascent and subsequent demise. AVALON is HEMI's first original release featuring Guitarist Tim Wilkens as the primary composer as he elevates the band's sound to new levels creating an amalgamation of collective influences beyond their traditional heavy metal and thrash roots.

AVALON incorporates elements of melodic death metal, hardcore, and punk to create a sound that is just as cinematic musically as it is lyrically. Lead Vocalist & Bassist Trent Zuberi is once again featured as the primary lyricist behind the construction of a tale that chronicles the journey as it unfolds, while drummer Mike Cieplik brings forth new percussion concepts never previously attempted by the band. Join HEMI as they take you to their paradise; welcome to AVALON.

Artwork by: Ryan Foster
Produced by: AJ Kolar/TAG Music Studios

To further intensify the release of AVALON, we have collaborated with RavensFilm Productions on a brand new music video for "Re/Vengenace."

AAW Pro Wrestling

As of May 2017 our song, In the Black from the MotorHEMI release has become the official kickoff song for one of the most popular professional wrestling promotions in the world. In the Black will start off each show, and we are in discussions to provide more music to the company for various facets in the future. Check out AAW PRO on their official Facebook page HERE.

New Merchandise

New merchandise designed by our very own Creative Director of Aesthetic Design, Ryan Foster has officially been released and added to the merchandise store! Pick up some new HEMI gear by clicking on the MERCH tab above. Please also check out Ryan's amazing artwork HERE.

COLDCOCK Whiskey Endorsement

The ink on the contract is dry and we are now officially an endorsed artist for one of the fastest growing whiskey brands in the world today, Coldcock Whiskey! We join an amazing roster of incredible artists as part of the Coldcock family and will be in discussions for special appearances and events involving the brand over the next year so keep checking back to see developments on this incredible partnership and check out Coldcock Whiskey HERE.


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